Rehabilitation, Newcastle

Rehabilitation Program

Here at MSK Sports Injury Clinic, we don't just treat the injury or the cause. Our rehabilitation in Newcastle involves working closely with all our clients to ensure optimal aftercare.

With any injury, there is a loss in performance, so we design specific and personalised exercise to get you not just back to normal but stronger than before, thus preventing further injury.

Recovering from injury does not just mean treatment! All our team at MSK Sports Injury Clinic are qualified to the highest level on the Register of Exercise Professionals, which is Level 4.

Not only does our team create a personalised treatment plan, but we also design you an exercise rehabilitation program as part of your aftercare so that you become stronger than before your injury.

What are the benefits Rehabilitation?

  Decrease Injury
 Strengthen & Flexibility
 Improve Your Functional Abilities
 Improve Mood
 Improve Cardiovascular System

Rehabilitation Newcastle MSK Sports Injury Clinic
Rehabilitation in Newcastle MSK Sports Injury Clinic