What is Post-Event Massage?

A Post-Event Massage in Newcastle is a slower and deeper treatment than pre-event massage as the main focus of this treatment is to help flush out toxins and lactic acid which has built up during exercise. This treatment will also help with returning muscles to their relaxed state, reduce next day muscle soreness and reduce swelling to promote faster healing.

At MSK Sports Injury Clinic Newcastle we want the best outcome for each of our clients so during each Massage Therapy treatment we include our industry leading percussive therapy device the TheraGun G3PRO™, and our IASTM tools to help enhance your recovery.

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Post-event massage treatment

Benefits of Post-Event Massage?

  Reduce Toxins and Lactate Acid
 Return Muscles to their Relaxed State

 Reduce Next Day Muscle Soreness
  Reduce Swelling and Promote Healing

Common Post-Events We Treat Include:

  • Half and Full Marathons
  • 5 and 10k Runs
  • Cycling Events
  • Iron Man Events
  • Fitness Events
  • Post Football/Rugby and Boxing


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Post-Event Massage Prices

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