What is Deep Tissue Massage?

The difference between deep tissue and other forms of massage is the type of techniques which are applied to the soft tissue and how they are applied. Typically, the strokes are a lot slower and firmer, it is performed this way to achieve the deep mobilisation and manipulation of the muscles and fascia.

Your massage will typically start with a lighter touch and techniques which introduce touch to your body and it’s a chance for you to become comfortable with the pressure being applied by the therapist and to give any feedback about the areas you may want to address.

Specific techniques are then applied with the therapist’s fingers, knuckles, elbow and thumbs. Examples of the techniques could be movements such as:

  • Frictions – pressure applied across the muscle fibres designed to release adhesions and encourage the realignment of fibres – especially with scar tissue remodelling.
  • Stripping – deep, firm, gliding pressure along the length of the muscle.

Our therapist will talk you through the massage and discuss the purpose of each technique so you can understand the process of deep tissue massage.

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Is Deep Tissue Massage For Me?

If you have a certain goal or specific aim then yes – as mentioned before it is great at achieving deep penetration of the muscle and fascia to reduce scar tissue, break down adhesions and assist with postural issues.

Deep tissue massage can help with the management of chronic pain, stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

Problems such as poor posture developing from long work hours at a desk can cause muscles to be overly tight and this then has a direct effect on how you hold your body and the pain levels you experience. Taking action on your posture regularly helps to prevent injury from developing as poor posture places pressure on to joints which wouldn't normally be there – eventually leading to a breakdown of the tissues and development of pain.

If you have suffered a severe muscle strain or tear – when the injury is healing you will develop scar tissue which can limit the functionality of the muscle and tendons. The scar tissue can be treated and helped to recover – and this is where a deep tissue massage comes in. The specialist techniques which are applied help to break down this tissue so it can remodel and become functional muscle tissue again – helping you return to pre-injury levels.

Poor mobility is a common problem which deep tissue massage can assist with improving. If you have a reduced amount of movement in a joint, which can develop through injury and habit, deep tissue massage is a great way to improve your movement. Following the session you will notice a difference in how much you can move the affected area – this combined with a varied exercise and mobility routine is the perfect way to make your body better.

There may be some mild discomfort during your treatment, as the name suggests – deep tissue involves an increased amount of pressure from the therapist to achieve the desired effect. Scar tissue and adhesion work may uncomfortable but the benefits and results far outweigh this short period of discomfort.

If you are looking for a less intense form of massage then please take a look at all of our other options on our massage page.

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Peter W
Peter W
My appointments with Sarah have totally cured me of back pain. Something which I didn't think possible when I 1st attended. Sarah is very pleasant and had a professional approach which yields results.
Niall S.
Niall S.
I was recommended MSK and shockwave therapy by a friend. I was having bad lower back and hip pain that traveled all the way down my left leg, possibly due to sciatica. I completed 4 treatments of Shockwave Therapy a week apart from each other and the difference from when I started is night and day, I’ve got most of my mobility back now and I’m slowly adding more exercises to my rehab routine every week and I’m definitely on the right path to being pain free. Cant thank Mark and Amy enough for the treatment and advice they gave me and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for another solution to their pain.
Imran H.
Imran H.
Always pleased with the treatment, Im immensly grateful and would certainly recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Imran, we really appreciate you taking the time to leave us 5-stars. It's very much appreciated and delighted to hear that you are pain free since the treatment. Best wishes,Team MSK
Andrew S.
Andrew S.
I have had two multi-treatment sessions with Amy for my back and I have been pleased with both the treatment provided and the progress of my recovery as a result. Amy was very professional, friendly and approachable which helped to ensure that the problem areas were worked on.The additional stretching program that is provided via email has also helped the recovery process. This hasn't been provided by other physios that I seen in the past for back injuries (typically I have only received verbal instructions).
Thomas S.
Thomas S.
Sarah fixed my back completely, very professional and welcoming, would defo recommend, thank you Sarah and MSK
Rich T.
Rich T.