Combination Therapy is a treatment which includes more than one treatment modality. During a Combination Therapy treatment, our therapist will use a combinations of Massage Therapy, Theragun G3PRO, IASTM Tools, Myofascial Dry Cupping Therapy and then finally our Medical Acupuncture Dry Needling. This treatment is like no other before and you will leaving feeling amazing.

What is Combination Therapy?

This is a treatment like no other. We combine multiple treatment modalities during a single session. Because we are using multiple treatment modalities, this will provide significantly more pain relieve and promote faster heeling.

During a single sessions out practitioners will be using the a combinations of Sports Massage, Theragun G3PRO, IASTM, Myofascial Dry Cupping and Medical Acupuncture Dry Needling.

Benefits of Combination Therapy?

We use a mix of specialised equipment to provide the ultimate solution to minimise pain.

  Reduces Chronic Pain
 Reduces Muscle Spasm
 Break Down Scar Tissue
  Improve Blood Circulation

  Re educates muscle memory and proprioception
  Increases Joint Mobility
 Increases the removal of edema after injury
  Increases the removal of stagnant blood