What is Combination Therapy?

Combination Therapy was introduced by MSK Sports Injury Clinic in 2019 for one purpose only, to enhance clients results and recovery. This treatment type includes more than one treatment modality. During a Combination Therapy treatment, our therapist will use a combinations of Massage TherapyTheragun G3PROIASTM Tools, Myofascial Dry Cupping Therapy, Medical Acupuncture Dry Needling and then finally our Kinesiology Taping. Because we are using multiple treatment modalities during a single treatment, we can provide treatment over multiple problamatic areas of the body compared to your standard conventional treatment in other clinics.

This is a treatment like no other. We combine multiple treatment modalities during a single session. Because we are using multiple treatment modalities, this will provide significantly more pain relieve and promote faster heeling.

Common Conditions We Treat

This treatment is for everyone! We can treat every condition as we use a mixture of specialised equipment to provide the ultimate solution to minimise pain. The benefit of of unique Combination Therapy treatment is that we can treat more than one area in a single session. Because we use a range of treatment types in a single session we can cover considerably more areas of the body.

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Benefits of Combination Therapy

  Clinically Proven to reduce Chronic Pain

 Reduces Muscle Spasm
 Break Down Scar Tissue
  Improve Blood Circulation

  Promotes Faster Healing

  Re educates muscle memory & proprioception
  Increases Joint Mobility
 Increases the removal of edema after injury
  Increases the removal of stagnant blood

  Minimise Tension Headaches

  Decrease Nerve or Muscle Pain

  Improve Posture

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Combination Therapy Prices

Treatment30 min60 min
Combination Therapy£30.00£45.00
Combination Therapy plus ShockwaveN/A£60.00

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