What is a Soft Tissue Therapist?

Soft Tissue Therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is applicable not just to sports people but to anybody wishing to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury.

What do I need to bring?

Be prepared to provide your previous medical or surgical history. If you have them and if they are relevant bring scan/MRI reports, and list of medication. You may wish to bring shorts and t-shirt.

How many visits will I need?

The number of treatments will vary depending on the problem and individual. After a thorough assessment, the therapist will discuss their treatment plan for the rehabilitation process.

What should I wear to my appointment?

If we are treating your feet you will not be asked to undress but if we are treating your upper or lower back or legs, you will be asked to wear modest underwear or even wear a pair of shorts or thin strap vest top is appropriate.

How do I make an appointment?

You can get in touch by phone ( +44 191 241 4373 ) or use the form under the contact page. Alternatively use the quick and easy online booking page, which is the easiest and most preferred booking method.

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

No, our therapist can assess and treat without referral by a doctor. However some health insurers require a doctors referral before they authorise cover of fees, some only require a phone call.

Treatment duration depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, your past medical history, and other factors.  Re-evaluations will be done to assess your progress and to help you achieve your therapy goals. We offer either 30 minute or 60 minute appointments.

During treatment you make be required to remove the top layer of clothing so please wear modest underwear. We advice that if we are treating your upper body that you wear a t-shirt or thin vest top and if we are treating you legs then wear or bring some shorts.

We see and treats patients with a wide range of conditions and diagnoses.  Please visit our Services for an extensive list of treatments we provide for out patients.

We will check with your health insurance provide to determine if outpatient treatment services are covered under your plan. We recommend that you confirm your insurance coverage.

Call the facility in which you go to for all your regular appointments.  You may also call our administration office at +44 191 241 4373

After each treatment you will feel a big improvement. Over the next 24/48hrs after your treatment you body may feel some slight discomfort as your therapist may have made some physiological changes during your treatment. We advise after your treatment to keep your self hydrated to aid with the healing process and follow your structured plan.

Full fees may be charged for non attendance or cancellation with less that 48 hours notice.

Yes we have a card machine on site and we accept all major card issuers. We also accept payments made prior to treatment via a payment link and also accept bank transfer. We also accept cash as a payment method.

Shockwave Therapy FAQs

The Shockwave Therapy procedure is roughly about 15 min longs. The total time during the appointment will be 30 minutes as the therapist will need to warm up the area with his massage techniques before applying the Shockwave Therapy machine to the damaged area.

Yes, It has The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance for a large number of indications and is used within the NHS. Shockwave Therapy performed by qualified therapist is largely risk-free

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive procedure. There may be a slight feeling of discomfort during the treatment, depending on the level of pain the patient is already experiencing in the area. However, since the treatment lasts only about 15 minutes, most patients are able to tolerate this discomfort. Additionally, the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted throughout the session. Due to its analgesic effects of Shockwave Therapy many patients report immediate pain relief following their treatment.

No, although it is called Shockwave Therapy, it is not electric shocks. The Shockwave Therapy machine passes short, intense sound waves that travel faster than the speed of sound into affected tissues. So it is actually sound waves and not electric shocks.

Shockwaves are high-energy, audible sound waves. Shockwaves have been used in medicine since 1980, among other conditions, including the disintegration of kidney stones. In rehabilitation therapy, shockwaves are channeled to the area to accelerate healing.

Shockwave Therapy involves passing short, intense sound waves into damaged tissues, which increases blood flow, has an analgesic effect and stimulates the repair and regeneration process. The treatment puts the cells into repair mode and allows your body to restart its own accelerated healing process.

Like all our treatments, It is recommended that patients refrain from physical activity, especially one that would involve the treated region, for about 48 hours following each treatment session.

Most patients will experience an immediate pain relief following the treatment. However, within 2–4 hours after the treatment, they may experience some soreness in the treated area. This soreness has been reported as tolerable and not limiting. Over the next 24/48hrs after your treatment you body may feel some slight discomfort as your therapist may have made some physiological changes during your treatment. We advise after your treatment to keep your self hydrated to aid with the healing process and follow your structured plan.

Shockwave Therapy purposefully creates an natural inflammatory response in injured soft tissue, so you may also experience mild discomfort following treatment. Patients should not apply ice or take anti-inflammatories after shockwave treatment, as this inflammatory healing response shouldn't be reduced.

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