Weight Lifting Your Way to Injury and Pain

Our title is a little confusing – weight lifting is the best way to avoid injury and pain, in my opinion, but if done wrong – it can definitely lead you down the path of injury!

We’re all back in the routine and working hard in the gym trying to shift those pounds we gained during the festive period or getting back on track with our physiques from where we left off in December.

Now we all want to get back to how we were before but we need to be careful – especially where weight training is concerned.

It can be tempting to get back to our same workouts, the same amount of times per week and the same intensity of training with the same weights.

Now it all depends on what you have been doing prior to the festive holiday in regard to your fitness as to the way you should approach your return to exercise and lifting weights.

Take a read on our handy tips for managing a safe return to the gym or you may find yourself with an injury or pain you didn’t want!

Remember - #Preventionisbest

Here are some ways you can help yourself back to the gym – safely!

Healing & Preventing Muscle Strain when Weight Lifting Video

2. Reduce Your Weight

As we mentioned before - it may be tempting to just pick up where you left off and lift the same weight as before. Now unless you had weights at home or were doing something similar – this may be difficult – and dangerous

Our bodies do have muscle memory and you will get back to where you were but diving straight back to your squat or bench press limit may not be sensible.

Drop your weight down by around 50% of what you were doing, assess how it feels and slowly build from there. You will find soon enough that your body will remember the movement and your strength will jump quickly over the course of a few sessions.

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