Spine Strength

Strengthen Your Spine!

In our last blog we talked about back injury and discs

In this week’s blog we look at making the spine stronger and more resilient.

If you have ever had a back injury in the past or if you haven’t – these exercises are suitable for everyone.

In the past there has been a culture in healthcare of over protecting the spine and avoiding placing it under stress.

The culture that the back is a vulnerable piece of the body and that you should be overly cautious with it has not helped us to strengthen our backs.

In order to strengthen anything we need to place it under some form of stress. The right amount of stress at the right intensity.

Your spine is flexible, strong and very versatile – and you want to keep it this way.

I’ve hurt my back before – does this mean it will always be a problem?

Not necessarily – if you follow the right instructions to rehabilitate the injury. It also depends on the severity of your back injury but, typically only a very low percentage of back problems are considered serious.

Even back pain/injuries which need surgery can be recovered from.

With back injuries it is really important to:

  • Get checked for any serious problems by a healthcare professional
  • Re–establish your range of movement
  • Regain strength in the back
  • Normalise your movement for everyday tasks
  • Address the mental side of the injury such as emotions attached to the injury and concerns which may be blocking your road to recovery

Following these basics you will find that your back can get to its pre injury level with time.

Again – this depends on your pain levels or injury – but getting guidance from a therapist will always help.

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Laura Jones
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