Sprained Ankles & How To Prevent Them

Now we have all rolled our ankle, right?


Whether it’s been playing sport or after a few too many at the local on a Friday night.


In fact, it is one of the most common injuries treated across injury clinics in the UK every year. So, what causes a “Sprained ankle” and what can you do to prevent it from happening…


An ankle sprain occurs when you twist, roll, or turn your ankle awkwardly. This quick sharp movement causes damage to the ankle ligaments, which help to keep your ankle stable. The ankle ligaments role is to prevent excessive movement at your ankle joint. When you roll your ankle, the main ligaments that you injure are on the outside of the foot. Think of them as tough bands of rope, stretching and pulling to keep your ankle in the correct position.

In general ankle sprains are categorised into 3 types:


Grade 1 – A split stretching of the ankle ligaments with minor tearing. Swelling & Bruising will be minor and walking without pain should be possible.


Grade 2 – Moderate tearing of the ankle ligaments with more severe swelling & bruising. Walking will be more painful, and your ankle will feel weak or unstable.


Grade 3 – This is a complete tear of the ligament, Uh Oh. Often people describe hearing a loud pop or crack when this injury occurs. You will experience high levels of pain, bruising and swelling. If you have a Grade 3 tear normally the approach to treatment involves having surgery, however research does show that if immobilized and rehabilitated correctly, the injury will heal on its own.

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