Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy ULTRA – Revolutionizing Treatment in the North East

Combination Therapy Ultra needs no introduction to many of our clients here at MSK Sports Injury Clinic Newcastle.

  • 80% Clinically Proven Success Rate
  • 40% Clinically Proven Faster Recovery


Check out our 5-star reviews or even our social media to see the results we get for our clients on a regular basis with this treatment session.

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This treatment is a favourite with some of our professional athletes such as professional athletes WBO female middleweight champion boxer Savannah 'Silent Assassin' Marshall, Ranked #1 welterweight kickboxer in the UK and #4 in the World Jamie Bates, professional boxers Steven RobinsonLewis 'The Sandman' Ritson, April Hunter ,'The Benwell Bomber' Joe Laws, Aaron Chalmers, Calum French, Cyrus Pattison and Jordan Barker-Porter, WWE star Jason Melrose, professional footballers Tim Krul, Remie Streete, Brooke Cochrane and Megan McKenzie, and Brad Willis who is the Junior Bodybuilding world champion and sponsored REDCON1 athlete who all regularly attend for their recovery session from their gruelling training.


Let’s take a look at what Combination Ultra Therapy involves.

Benefits of Combination Therapy - ULTRA

  • 80% Clinically Proven Success Rate
  • 40% Clinically Proven Faster Recovery
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Reduces Muscle Spasm
  • Break Down Scar Tissue
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Promotes Faster Healing
  • Increases Joint Mobility
  • Increases the removal of edema after injury
  • Increases the removal of stagnant blood
  • Minimise Tension Headaches
  • Decrease Nerve or Muscle Pain
  • Improve Posture
  • Re educates muscle memory & proprioception
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