Prevention is Better Than a Cure!

At MSK Sports Injury Clinic Newcastle we are great believers in the power of soft tissue therapy and its ability to help you recover from an injury but also its ability to help prevent an injury!

There are many forms of prevention when it comes to your physical conditioning.

You might be doing some of them already but if you aren’t – then this is the blog for you!

Professional athletes when they aren’t training are usually focusing on recovery. Their whole week is designed around getting the most out of each session but planning their activities and lifestyle to promote healing and recovery in order for them to be at their best.

It’s not just the pros – it’s also the ‘average joes’ that need to think about recovery. It might be from your exercise or it may be from your job. Ay repetitive task that you place your body under has the ability to wear your body and increase your chances of injury.

Your recovery is so important – it dictates how you will perform in the next session.

Fail to recover – then prepare for the worst.

Take a look at our top 4 prevention measures  - some of them are better than others but if you put as much time in to maintenance and injury prevention you could see huge results in your training and day to day life.

2. Therapies

This is where we come in! Maintenance of your soft tissue and joints is vital for prevention.

Regular sessions which help to promote blood flow, improve range of motion and break down scar tissue can help the machine that is your body to work better. Check out our unique Combination Therapy treatment here at MSK Sports Injury Clinic as this produces the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Exercise can make the body tight, sore, and reduce its general function. Regular treatment helps to maintain your aches and pains but also prevent injury and improve performance. Other forms of self-maintenance can be things like float tank sessions and ice baths which can have an effect on your physical and mental recovery.

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