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Paying for Your Health during a Pandemic!

We are fast approaching a year since the start of the pandemic here in the UK.

Many things have happened within the past 12 months and its been a testing time no matter who you are.

One of the biggest movements to come out the pandemic is the importance of the NHS and our mental and physical health.

Whilst lockdowns have been applied as a way of protecting the NHS and preventing it from being overwhelmed – it has then had the knock-on effect of its usual services.

Your typical GP and Physiotherapy appointments have gone mostly virtual and waiting times have increased.

Scheduled surgeries and treatments have been cancelled – leaving a lot of people’s health in a potentially worse position.

So where do you go from here?

You have a problem which needs some assessment and its hard to get the usual level of care you need from the NHS currently – which is totally understandable given the current climate.

MSK Sports Injury Clinic Newcastle is allowed to treat during the lockdown period for people with pain and in need of therapeutic treatment.

If you have been use to NHS care and the obvious positive perk of it being free at point of use – then that’s great, but what do you do when that service is under strain and potentially not able to see to you as it previous was.

What is your attitude towards paying for your health?

Keeping gyms open has been a big storyline of the pandemic with hundreds of thousands of people signing the petition for them to be classed as essential.

There is a lot of money spent each year on health and it remains one of the country’s biggest industries.

A typical gym goer could spend on average between £100-300 on gym memberships, clothing, equipment, expensive supplements and also food which help them to remain healthy.

So the question is – why wouldn’t you do this for your body also?

Let’s say we are heading out for a meal or a night on the town (I know – it’s been a while) - we don’t bat an eyelid at the cost of that which is often a minimum of £60……easily.

That’s the same price as a session of therapy which will have endless benefits.

A night out can often be detrimental to your health yet we pile money in to that without thought.

Think about what you spend your money on each month – if there’s something that is currently unnecessary such as alcohol / subscriptions / clothing – why don’t you substitute it out this month and take care of your body?

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