We Are (Re) Opening! – MSK Sports Injury Clinic’s Guidelines for Your Safety

The time has eventually come, we are getting ready to open our doors at our Newcastle upon Tyne clinic for the first time since lockdown started.

Lockdown was put in place all over the world as a science backed way of limiting the spread of Coronavirus. This was mainly to stop our hospitals being overwhelmed and reduce overall case numbers.

The positive effect of lockdown was controlling the virus, the negative has been the impact on the economy and it’s now time for the whole world to start recovering.

It’s also time for you to start recovering as we aim to open on the 4th of July 2020.

Whilst closed, we have been undertaking all the necessary arrangements for making the clinic environment meet the new standards which are required for safety in the post COVID-19 era.

Guidelines, Recommendations & Covid-19 Risk Assessment

To guarantee safe opening, we are taking the advice of 2 separate governing bodies which are:

Both governing bodies released updates in May about return to clinic and face to face appointments.

Their guidance includes research and science backed safety procedures in order for you to be safe in clinic.

Their guidelines help us to provide safe and hygienic ways of delivering our massage, shockwave, acupuncture and other services without endangering yours or our health.

July 4th is the current date in which has been agreed for return to face to face appointments – this may be subject to change.

Based on all governing bodies recommendations there will be a questionnaire to screen each client who comes to the clinic which must be signed.

As a responsible therapy provider we will also encourage clients and our therapists to use the NHS test and trace service if they symptoms or know someone who has.

If you experience any symptoms or you are shielding/isolating – please do not consider booking an appointment.

GCMT- Recommendations and guidance for face to face contact with clients
View PDF
CNHC – COVID-19 preparing to return to work guidance
View PDF
CNHC – COVID-19 guidance on preparing to return to work for ‘hands-on” therapies
View PDF
Covid-19 Risk Assessment – MSK Sports Injury Clinic
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Covid-19 Clinic Procedures – Infographic
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