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Massage the Immune System Booster!

Vitamins, minerals, supplements, daylight, greens, fruit, exercise – the list of ways to boost your immune system is a long one.

You can now add massage to that list!

New evidence shows that massage can improve immune system response.

In a study involving patients with HIV – who can have a compromised immune system due to their virus. It was shown that regular massage helped to improve specialist lymphocyte T cell count in their blood.

Lymphocyte T cells are a type of white blood cell which is essential to the immune system  - T cells help in the fight against a virus or infection.

What effect does this have on a healthy immune system though?

In a recent BBC documentary – blood tests on healthy individuals were shown to replicate exactly the same response. When receiving massage you bloodstream will typically be flooded with this immune response.

There could be a predicted 20% increase in the amount of T Cells which are produced.

This means you could improve your immunity by 20% - that’s a hell of a jump and in these current times, a welcome one!

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