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How much muscle will I lose in lockdown 2.0?

As predicted – the 2nd wave is here and it’s bigger than the first.

Again – the country has been placed in to a lockdown which is slightly different from the first but one really important thing remains the same – gyms are closed!

Prior to the national lockdown there was a great stance from the fitness community in Liverpool who opposed the local lockdowns and kept their gyms open.

As a gym goer you know how vital regular exercise is for our overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

A lot of us were back in the groove and making progress after the lengthy lockdown period which saw us having to adapt and try to get our best workouts in different circumstances.

Will your body use muscle before fat?

In short – you can lose most types of weight from your body (water, fat, lean tissue).

However – because muscle is such a necessary part of your function then your body will tend to want to hang on to it. This is because it makes our body work better, stores nutrients and it provides the power for our metabolism.

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