The Latest In Soft Tissue Treatment: How Can Percussive Therapy Help You?

So how does it all work?

The way in which we experience pain, discomfort and tightness is a complex topic, everyone experiences it in different ways. Percussive therapy is great for modulating (changing/managing) our pain levels. It does this in a variety of ways such as:

  • Stimulating muscle receptors
  • Affects chemical markers associated with pain and DOMS
  • Relaxes / Inhibits muscles/nerve endings

There are many ways in which percussive therapy is being researched currently but it has become popular due to great results and it is reflected in the evidence as working in a similar way to TENS machine which is a proven pain relief machine. The theory is called pain gait and it works by locally stimulating a painful area with a different sensation – this distracts your brain from the pain you were experiencing and once it is finished you have a reduced amount of pain. Percussive therapy works in a similar with extremely effective results.

Your therapist will help you to determine how you can best use percussive therapy to achieve your desired goals as using the Theragun in different ways and at different times can change the effect it has.

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