Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow – What’s The Difference?

When describing pain around the elbow, everyone, surely has to have heard of the terms golfers and tennis elbow!

It’s been a staple diagnosis for years from physiotherapists, GP’s and other medical professionals.

But what’s the difference?

Is there a difference?

NOPE, not really.

They are one and the same thing – except for the part of the elbow in which they affect.

This blog is going to bring you up to date on what these conditions are, their updated names and what you can be doing to help manage them yourself!

Why Do We Get It?

Tendons of the elbow get painful and weak due to an overload of the tendon tissue. Typically, when someone increases their activity suddenly with a new activity, job or change in their usual workload involving their elbows and wrists.

Good examples are increased desk based work, increased manual work like decorating – or in some cases, injury involving a pulling or gripping movement can cause tendon strain which then develops in to golfers/tennis elbow.

The tendon tissue begins to develop tiny, microscopic tears which cause pain and inflammation – this then leads to dysfunction and inability to perform our tasks in worse cases.

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Laura Jones
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