Social Isolation

A Guide to Managing Your Activity Levels During Social Isolation

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the way we live our everyday lives due to the infectious nature of the disease. Reducing new cases and trying to control the infection rate is the number one priority of the government – and its been shown, like in other countries that limiting our social interaction appears to be the way forward. Schools shutting, workers being urged to stay at home and pensioners advised not to leave the house are the strategies being applied in order to control the spread.

The government have discouraged mass gatherings, avoiding public transport and only going out for necessary/vital trips.  Local councils have closed leisure centres including their gym and swimming facilities which has left a lot of people without the ability to perform their usual exercise routines. Walking and outside exercise has been advised but only at a safe distance from other people.

China – where the virus originated has had a total lockdown in the area of Wuhan which meant people could not leave their homes. France has applied a similar policy and other countries are following suit as it appears the only successful way to overcome the problem.

This is a required action – but with it comes a whole host of new issues including our physical and mental wellbeing. If you have been regularly attending the gym or frequently exercise outside of the home, then this is going to come as a shock to the system.

Alternate Heel Kicks Jogging

Jogging with High Knees

Stair Walking

Walking Upstairs

Maintain good posture and walk upstairs


Hold skipping rope in both hands, and skip using alternative legs.
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Walking Sideways

Maintaining a good upright posture, walk sideways. Move one leg out to your side and meet it with your other leg.
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