2 REALLY Important Lessons from Lockdown

As lockdown is gradually eased and life returns to a new normal, it’s important to look back and reflect on this period.

Rewind to March and read the exercise in isolation blog – it goes hand in hand with what you are about to read.

The past few months stopped us from exercising in gyms, working in offices and enjoying our usual freedoms. As we now get back to our routines there are a few things that have become quite evident as we take new referrals and book people back in for treatment at MSK Sports Injury Clinic Newcastle. The lack of exercise and our attempts to start new forms of exercise have caused lots of problems. The enforced home working has also caused a lot of problems which need to be corrected before continue to work in the post COVID-19 world.

Here are the 2 important lessons from lockdown that we should all take note of to help keep us as fit and healthy moving forward.

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