Reduce Chronic Pain

Studies have proven that Sports Massage showed significantly better improvements in pain compared to your normal therapeutic massage. A combination of Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage is commonly used to release chronic muscle pain and restrictions in the human body due to the nature of the treatment. The TheraGun G3PRO™ will also be working into those deep tissue muscles which will increase blood flow into the muscle and help reduce pain and inflammation in the effected area.

Releases Muscle Spasm

Sports Massage Therapy is used to reduce muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are caused by the overexertion the muscles causing a build up of tension. When a muscle get overexerted it is causes it to involuntary contract. This is what we all know as a muscle spasm. Using a combination of Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and the industry leading Neuromuscular Percussive Therapy device the TheraGun G3PRO™ will reduce muscle spasms like no other treatment out there. This Combination Therapy treatment gets deep within muscle tissues in order to stretch, loosen and relax the muscle to therefore relieve tension.

Breaks up Scar Tissue

Along with our hands on Sports Massage Newcastle, the TheraGun G3PRO™ breaks up scar tissue at a much faster rate than any normal therapy treatment. Physician calibrated at 40 revolution per second and its amplitude of 16mm in depth really hits and target those deep tissue muscles. This Combination Therapy treatment is the most effective way to break up scar tissue in a muscle. This treatment breaks down adhesions and collagen fibres that can be caused as a result of scar tissue. Breaking down scar tissue with this combination of treatment relieves joint restriction, decrease pain and reduce stress.

Greater Overall Flexibility

Sports Massage lengthens the muscle tissues in a multi directional fashion. By apply pressure through the muscle, the muscle sheath and the surrounding ligaments will encourage the area to release stored pressure and improving to overall flexibility of the muscle.

Improve Blood Flow

Sports Massage boosts the circulation of blood to the targeted muscle tissues in the same way as exercise. Furthermore, massage therapy also causes vessels of blood to dilate which allows fresh air and nutrition to be transported more conveniently.

Sports Massage in Newcastle

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